semut pun boleh mati.

Kak Ton Joined the Family.

now i have kak ton. but i still can't move on. i'm still remembered on ku j. i thought ku j can be better day by day. but it took less a week for him to live. if he still alive, he could be handsome and healthier than others.

im still thinking on the ku j's death. is it bcs of me who keep forcing him to take the medicines. im sorry.. i just wanna you to live. with us. with me. 

now kak ton keep on cirit birit. it's fucking scared out of me. now im trying to give her ayam rebus. yesterday im google-ing to find ways how to cure this cirit birit decease. they said change their meal to ayam rebus. i hope this is working. kak ton please, stay alive.

welcome to the family Kak Ton. im really hopping that she enjoyed staying with us.
and in memory, Ku J. ily

comel tak Kak Ton?